Nhân viên kế hoạch và giá thành (Cost & Budget Supervisor)

Tiếng Anh
KCN Thăng Long 2
Nhật Bản
Việt Nam
Hưng Yên
3 năm trở lên
Nhân viên

- Bachelor's degree or higher in Finance, Account or related fields
- Have working experience in manufacturing factory from 3 years upward
- Knowledge about factors constitutive to production cost of products
- Have knowledge, experience about cost calculation, production cost
- Have experience about management accounting, making budget, forecast, cost analysis & cost management
- Good skill about supervise and management 
- English proficiency both in spoken and written 
- Proficiency in MS Office (Especially Excel)
- Strong analytical, problem solving, communication and presentation skills.

- Participation in establishing, revising company's yearly budget
- Check & follow up each Department in making and using budget
- Make management reports follow request
- Make comparation & analysis report between budget and actual 
- Calculate production cost for each product
- Control cost of material, inventory goods
- Organize physical inventory for material & finish goods
- Organize, manage and leading team members work effectively
- Lots of opportunities oversea training and business trip

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