Giám sát phòng kế hoạch sản xuất (Production planning supervisor)

  • Hà Nội
  • Không yêu cầu
Chi tiết công việc
Anh Nhật Hoặc Anh Trung
KCN Thạch Thất
Việt Nam

  • Receive orders, plan production based on the calculation of production capacity of the whole plant / stage.
  • Monitor and compare finished / semi-finished data produced, circulated, and stored between weekly, monthly and prescribed processes.
  • Monitor labor productivity and equipment - compare with statistical norms, report results according to processes and regulations.
  • Update the data into the format according to the process and regulations.
  • Report the results of the production timely, in accordance with procedures and regulations.
  • Monitor and find solutions to overcome problems arising in the production process to keep up with the progress of goods export.
  • Calculating materials for production.
  • Track orders, track production progress to keep up with the progress of shipmen

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